Project Development

Project Drawings

From bubble drawing to final concept, AEM's Design Team will define and create layouts and theming motifs in full architectural detail. Such drawings and plans will greatly assist the Client in visualizing the completed facility and limit the potential for costly project overruns and/or mismatching design concepts.

Selection of Equipment


Our firm will carefully select a well-balanced assortment of amusement games that effectively meet the desires of the target market. Such amusement games will work in concert with each other to maximize revenue through increased levels of player satisfaction. The correct selection of equipment will increase the length of time that each patron remains within the facility, as well as encourage frequent return visits. AEM's selections will be consistent with the facility's objectives and budget, as well as the demographic makeup of the surrounding marketplace. The cost of each game unit will be carefully compared to the potential revenue streams achievable within this application in an effort to protect asset values and allow for future reinvestment.

Ancillary Equipment Selection

An effective amusement operation dictates the need for a strong network of support equipment to adequately monitor performance and reduce pilferage. Industry-specific equipment such as coin and currency counters, point-of-sale systems, debit card systems, security systems, game tracking software, and frequently needed parts/components must be available and in place at all times. AEM will identify the facility's specific needs and formulate a cohesive ancillary equipment program to efficiently handle operations.

Design & Layout         


Once an appropriate site has been selected, AEM will determine the most efficient method of utilizing budgeted equipment within the confines of the premises or develop a layout plan by which to establish building size (new construction).ESTABLISHMENT OF DESIGN FOCUS AND OPERATIN

The staging and positioning of amusement equipment is critical in providing the proper flow of patrons and will substantially impact the performance of the attraction investments. AEM will develop the most effective layout plan for the site, which shall include not only the games and attractions, but also the positioning of administrative areas, control facilities, and food concessions. Specific emphasis will be placed on appearance and functionality as well as ease of change in future periods. We shall work alongside the project's architects and planners to insure that our findings remain consistent with the facility's physical structure.

Electrical Design

Effective design of electrical requirements early in the planning process may result in substantial reductions in electrical construction costs, unexpected power and equipment failures, and operational downtime. AEM will determine the electrical draws and electrical peaks of each attraction unit selected and develop a source grid that adequately supports the facility, while accounting for future equipment rotations in later periods. All measurements will be provided in country code-specific formats.

Budgeting & Purchasing


AEM will establish, with the Client's input, an acceptable budget that appropriately balances the project investment with the anticipated annual level of return. This budget will be used as a guide in purchasing equipment and support components used in the operation and will be modified from time to time to account for project changes, as directed by the Client. 

The Consultant will thoroughly research each selected attraction offered by various manufacturers within the marketplace and develop a manufacturing schedule for each unit. By establishing a competitive bidding arrangement between possible manufacturers of similar equipment and utilization of our co-op buying network, the Consultant can effectively reduce the project's attraction and installation costs by blending pre-owned equipment from the secondary market into the attraction mix. In later periods, the Consultant can assist in the rotation of attractions by arranging the sale or trade-in of existing units.

Operation Review

Once the initial layout and attraction selection processes are completed, AEM will carefully examine the facility's entertainment capacity for peak period usage. Additionally, the Consultant will insure that lines of sight are not negatively impacted by attraction locations and that control systems are selected and placed in appropriate regions.

Training & Operations


The success of a project will weigh heavily on its ability to attract patrons from the target market as well as meet or exceed their expectations while visiting. AEM will analyze the operational plan to confirm that a high level of customer service has been integrated into the daily operating function. Additionally, the marketing plan will be examined for inclusion of promotional packaging and strong value content.

Probably the most critical to the facility's success, a well-developed redemption operation will present strong value to the customer, which in turn will spur additional revenue through increased and repeat business. AEM will provide a redemption model showing the necessary ticket settings for games, size and style of redemption center, as well as the variety, quantity, and pricing of merchandise needed for both display and distribution to patrons.

AEM will develop an effective training program for employees assigned to the areas of game maintenance, ride maintenance, ride operations, systems implementation (debit card), and activity usage. These procedures will be incorporated in the facility's master operating plan.