Games & Attraction Services

Purchasing Assistance


Identify appropriate manufacturers and/or re-sellers capable of supplying specified entertainment attractions and games as recommended under the Consultant Equipment Program.

Buying vs. Leasing

Analyze and identify the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring amusement equipment through lease, revenue share, or outright purchase, and recommend most effective course of action. 

Operator Selection

Research and locate a suitable amusement game operator to provide equipment not supported by the purchase or monthly rental budget. Assist in the negotiation of an operating agreement with said operator. 

Calibration of Equipment


Establish proper equipment mix, layout, price per play, and award settings that will capture additional revenues during peak attendance periods.

Site Plan Evaluation

Evaluate potential operating sites for suitability and revenue generation characteristics. An AEM representative can be made available to personally visit each site to study immediate market impacts, competition (if any), and conformance to business objectives. 

Contractual Analysis

Review and advise client, where appropriate, on all contractual matters relating to equipment purchases, leases, or revenue share contracts. 

Currency Control Systems


Identify and recommend appropriate debit card system as an alternative if supported by equipment purchase budget. 

Layout & Design

Establish and prepare scaled layouts of amusement game area, including all games, control devices, redemption center, redemption storage, and infrastructure components. The staging and positioning of amusement equipment is critical in providing the proper flow of patrons and will substantially impact the performance of the attraction investments. AEM will develop the most effective layout plan for the site, which shall include not only the games and attractions, but also the positioning of administrative areas, control facilities, and food concessions. Specific emphasis will be placed on appearance and functionality as well as ease of change in future periods. We shall work alongside the project's architects and planners to insure that our findings remain consistent with the facility's physical structure. 

Budget Generation

Establish suppliers list and budget for amusement game componentry, initial game purchases, initial game rotations, prize merchandise, bar coded redemption tickets, logo tokens, ticket eaters/centers, ticket shredders, prize displays, coin and bill handling machines, bill changers, and support systems.

Redemption Control Systems


Identify the most efficient utilization of debit card system for maintenance and troubleshooting, as a marketing tool, and as a data collection and reporting device. 

Electrical Control Systems

Prepare electrical grid specifications and layout, taking into account future electrical requirements needed in the rotation of amusement equipment. 

Equipment Selection


Identify and recommend appropriate redemption and crane merchandise, broken down by specific point formula values. Establish appropriate redemption formula, which shall be used as the basis for redemption operations. Recommend appropriate redemption game ticket payout percentages for redemption games selected under the equipment program. Source and coordinate purchase of all redemption and crane merchandise at wholesale prices. Identify and recommend ticket and token suppliers and quantities required and coordinate purchase of same.

Value Packaging

Creation and balancing of birthday party and group token attraction "value packages" to drive game and attraction revenues by boosting patron per capital spending and frequency of visitation. Identify appropriate game tournaments and promotions. 

Staff Scheduling


Review Client's schedule of staffing needs based upon attraction selection, facility hours of operation, and expertise levels required. 

Hiring Staff

Review potential candidates and train Client's staff in the operation and basic repair of the amusement games and entertainment attractions contained within the Facility.