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Over the last twenty years, Frank Seninsky and Jerry Merola have brought their industry expertise to the pages of many Amusement Industry publications. Their insight into the development, financing and operation of amusement businesses as well as their keen perspective on the state of the industry over the years has provided a clear understanding of the industry to the readers of the leading trade publications. Our archive below is home to these resourceful articles.

Business Development & Operations

Entertainment Center News

Valley Becomes A New Alley

A Day at the Beach: Provo Beach Resort (BCM Magazine, June 2011)

A Shining Star in Saginaw

Ground Up: The Challenges of Starting A New Bowling-Hybrid Project

Replay Magazine

Fries With Your Fun Article

Three E's of Family Entertainment Centers

Setting Up a Gameroom Soup to Nuts

Consulting Just Another Word For Education

There is a New Debit Card System in Town

The Debit Card Test Goes On!

The Economics of Joining Forces With A Coin-Operator

Vending Times

How To Expand in a Tough Economy

Bowling Alleys Become the Next FEC's

Redemption Expected to Grow Tenfold, So How You Can Cash In?

Is There A Debit/Smart Card In Your Future? Almost Certainly

Overcoming Operator-And Location-Sales Resistance

Long-Range Planning Builds Successful Summer Locations

The Operators Most Important Tools

"Routinizing" - How to Get the Most from Game Technicians

World Waterpark

Everything You Need To Know About Coin Operated Games In Hotel Indoor Waterparks

Tourist Attractions & Parks

Building A Strong Foundation For Your Entertainment Center

Industry Owls-A Dozen Main Considerations to Picking the Right Mix of Arcade Games

The Economics of Entertainment: A Big Box May Just Be Your Best Bet

Why Traditional Bowling Alleys are Becoming FEC's

Are You Doing Redemption Right

PEMA- Playing It Safe

Play Meter 

Getting What You Paid For (Playmeter March 2012)

A Fun Zone For Kids in Montana

Customer Service: Is It Really All it Can Be?

Assemble a Management Team One Investment at a Time

Remember to Sweat the Details

Big Deals on Big Box Space

Take Care of The Big Details

A Good Feel For What Makes A Successful FEC

Entertainment Makes A Lovely Shade Of Green

A Business Formula For The Future

Corporate Responsibility Or Lack Thereof

Your Profits Are Buried In The Details

Failure Is Not An Option

Attention New Developers: Bigger May Not Always Be Better

Entertainment is Now A Mixed Drink

Challenging The Norm

Five Easy Ways To End Up In Hot Water

The ABC's of Selecting The Right Entertainment Space

Attention K Mart Shoppers

Is Your Cash Register Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Choosing Attractions For the Millennium

Entertainment Center Development:Tips On Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Creating More Value (And Profit) In Your Entertainment Facility

Creating An Effective Operating Agreement

Customer Service Is the Answer To Building A Better Business

Designing A Winning Layout

Emerging Technology: It's Time To Embrace It

Examining The Fun Factor

A Feasibility Study Might Be The Best Investment You'll Ever Make

Is Your Family Entertainment Center Up To Snuff?

Fixing A Failing Business

When Good Isn't Good Enough

Hedging Your Bet: Methods To Reduce An Operator's Exposure At Poor Performing Locations

How Big is BIG?

Incorporating Facility Controls

Insuring Your Future: A Look At Commercial Insurance Policies

Using The Internet As A Marketing Tool

Is Maintenance Really That Important?

Keeping Up The Momentum

Leasing Tips For Your Next Entertainment Site

Go Ahead Pick Your Niche

Pioneering New Markets

Pricing and Delivering It Right

Resurrecting A Winner

Securing Your Future

Are You Selecting The Appropriate Games For Your Guests?

Selecting Real Estate Locations For Your Entertainment Business

Tips and Suggestions for Opening Your New Amusement Business

Where Are All The Customers? Getting Started Can Be A Challenging Affair

Assembling A Winning Team

A Year of Opportunity Ahead

Feasibility: The Three Year Itch

A Good Consultant is a Teacher Not A Dictator

Token Theft

Making Money With New Technologies

Bowling For Dollars

Entertainment Combinations: Are They The Next Best Thing?

Leasing Real Estate in the New Economy