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Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC - Project Development

Training & Operations

Review Operations and Marketing Manuals For Effectiveness

The success of a project will weigh heavily on its ability to attract patrons from the target market as well as meet or exceed their expectations while visiting. AEM will analyze the operational plan to confirm that a high level of customer service has been integrated into the daily operating function. Additionally, the marketing plan will be examined for inclusion of promotional packaging and strong value content.

Design and Develop Cohesive Merchandising and Redemption Operations

Probably the most critical to the facility's success, a well-developed redemption operation will present strong value to the customer, which in turn will spur additional revenue through increased and repeat business. AEM will provide a redemption model showing the necessary ticket settings for games, size and style of redemption center, as well as the variety, quantity, and pricing of merchandise needed for both display and distribution to patrons.

Establish Training and Protocol Procedures For Attraction and Game Attendants, Technicians, and Floor Staff

AEM will develop an effective training program for employees assigned to the areas of game maintenance, ride maintenance, ride operations, systems implementation (debit card), and activity usage. These procedures will be incorporated in the facility's master operating plan.

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