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Client Testimonials

Bob O's
"Games revenues have almost doubled since making the changes AEM and AOS suggested. Joseph Camarota and his team did a fantastic job with set-up and continue to work with us to analyze weekly ticket payouts, making sure they are not too high or too low, as well as providing unlimited service and support whenever we need it. Prior to working with AEM and AOS, we revenue-shared 48 games with a local operator; unfortunately he could not afford to keep new or quality games in our location. Now we own 40 games and are keeping 100% of the profit. I can't say enough about Frank, Joseph and the AOS sales/service team."

Bobby Walker
Bob-O's Family Fun Center
El Paso, TX

"Contacting AEM was the best thing we have ever done at TreePaad Fun Center. From designing to installing the games there staff was professional and courteous. Our arcade looks amazing, it is brighter and much more fun looking and our customers love it too! "

Patti Garrand
TreePaad Fun Center Mechanicville, NY

The consulting is phenomenal and Frank and his team are straight shooters and always tell you the truth (even when it is hard to hear) rather than others that just tell you what you want to hear. I would highly recommend them to anyone and it would be my pleasure to share my experience to anyone who is considering doing business with AEM. Anyone considering AEM as a business partner can feel free to call me anytime and I would be happy to share my experiences with them.

Amber Collier
The Zone Family Fun Center

"Jerry, I am very impressed with your (feasibility) report on our Troutdale property and thank you very much for your insights and hard work. Really, a very well done study! I would like to get on the phone with you to discuss next steps".

David Lukes, Chief Operating Officer
Kimco Realty Corporation

"Thank you Jerry for a most thorough review and analysis of our Darien Lake theme park. The report looks great! Appreciate the quick turnaround"

David Carls, Director of Real Estate
CNL Realty Income Corp.
Orlando, FL

"Jerry - I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you last week. It is easy to see why Mike places such great confidence in you. In over 35 years of business dealings, I do not recall a person who was better able to communicate and share his knowledge and experience. With you on his team, I have no doubt we will be able to help Mike get this project across the finish line."

Mike Alvano
CFO Systems, LLC
Omaha, NE

"Jerry has been a true pleasure to work with and a consumate business professional. His leadership and guidance throughout the development of our project has been invaluable, and his friendly and approachable disposition has been a tremendous asset in all of our dealings with investors, lenders, suppliers, and partners. I would wholeheartedly recommend his services in the Entertainment and Amusement business and would be happy to provide further reference to interested parties."

David Ellis, CEO
Funhaven Entertainment Center
Ottawa, CANADA

"Jerry, the credibility that you have lent to our project has been enormous and absent your professionalism and credibility, I doubt that I would have been able to secure the financing. I am deeply grateful for your efforts on our behalf."

Paul Glantz, CEO
Emagine Theaters
Canton, Michigan

"Jerry, you are a first-class individual and a world-class entertainment consultant. Every minute of working with you was enlightening and enjoyable. None of this would have ever come together without your expertise, persuasion, and relationships with Lucky Strike and US Bowling. You were absolutely instrumental on all key points and gave us the confidence to push through the confusion."

Ellen Prows, General Manager
Newport on the Levee
Newport, Kentucky

“Jerry, as always, my parents both wanted me to extend a message that if it was not for the relationship and trust they have in your personal work ethic and friendship we have built, they would not have pursued this transaction, as they have limited faith in others out there. I feel the same way. We all appreciate everything you have done."

Mr. Ilya Girlya, President
Sahara Sams Oasis
Berlin, New Jersey

"Frank, just wanted to send this to you to show our appreciation in regards to "partnering" with you. It has been six months since we hired you as a consultant and we wanted to let you know that our game revenue is up considerably from the same time a year ago, even in the current economy!. Another thing I wanted to thank you and your staff for is your great response time. So many times in business today, people take your money and run. Not so with you folks. It is worth every penny we have 'invested' with you and the paybacks will be tenfold, I'm sure."

Steve and Brian Cote
Hilltop Fun Center
Somersworth, NH

"In September 2000 I met for the first time with Frank Seninsky in Las Vegas at the AMOA amusement show. (Frank) is the person I know that understands and practices the best what our industry should never forget: IT'S ALL ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT!. At the 2002 Eurotechno conference, Frank spoke about it. I endorsed his principles, is beliefs, which since then have become my roadmap."

Eduardo Antoja
Former President
European Gaming and Amusement Federation

"Jerry provided us with information regarding trends in the industry and guidance on transforming a traditional bowling center into a successful family entertainment center. He is one of the smartest individuals I have met during this process and he has shared a wealth of knowledge and experience that put us on the right path when the economy brought a halt to our initial expansion plans"

Debbie Love
Gainsville, Georga

"Also wanted to say the I've read through the feasibility study several times and each time something new catches my eye.....or finally sinks in. Not sure which is true!! But I'm very impressed with what you have done, it seems very thorough and just full of information that is going to be very helpful to me in putting this project together. Also going to be a very helpful tool to show to investors and to the is very professional.....very well put together."

Kale Construction
Bill Kale, President
Billings, Montana

"Thanks for your help and super presentation at the zoning board meeting the other night. You have been a great addition to our team and we really appreciate your assistance."

Liam McDevitt, Director of Development
Orangetown, NY

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