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AEM’s Leadership Strives to Educate the Amusement Industry

Over the last twenty years, Frank Seninsky and Jerry Merola have brought
their industry expertise to the pages of many Amusement Industry publications.

Recent Articles

Colonial Lanes: Rebirth of a Legend (Playmeter March 2014)

Colonial Bowling and Entertainment, formerly known as Colonial Lanes, reopened it's doors in February of 2012 after an extensive renovation and moderization. The Sheft family, the long time owners of the facility engaged Amusement Entertainment Management to create a strategic plan and obtain financing for the project. Within six months, the project was approved and funded and construction began in August of 2011.

Arizona Flips Over Newest FEC (Playmeter April 2013)

FlipSide has redefined the meaning of family fun for the communities of East Valley, Arizona. The $6 million, 52,000-square foot bowling entertainment complex was the result of a well thoughtout business plan to invest in an industry that would thrive in a challenging economy.

Rebirth After The Fire : Treepaad Fun Center, Malta N.Y. (Playmeter August 2013)

the owners of TreePaad Fun Center learned, the challenges faced to get their center reopened after a devastating fire, were more than they could have ever anticipated.

Putting Smiles On Faces: Fun Haven, Ottawa, Canada (Interfun Issue #1)

Putting nearly all the different disciplines of fun and entertainment under one roof is an ambitious aspiration, but a location in Canada has done just that

Bowling boutique coming to Polaris (The Columbus Dispatch Saturday December 22, 2012)

Star Lanes Polaris is expected to open in the spring, giving central Ohio its second upscale, boutique bowling alley.The 20-lane center is planned for a former Circuit City store near thePolaris Fashion Placemall,

Expanding Yesterday's Stand-Alone Entertainment Venues to Appeal to Today's Fun-Seeking Families(TAP November 2012)

Bowling, Roller Skating, Laser Tag, Arcades. Not that long ago, you would have needed to visit four different venues in order to enjoy these various entertainment attractions. Now, as many entertainment center owners are finding out, in order to stay competitive and, in some cases, stay open, one source of enterainment is no longer enough.

Bringing the Wow to Florida(Playmeter November 2012)

"Unique" is one way to describe one of Southern Florida's newest entertainment complexes. The Wow Factory opened June 7 of this year in Coconut Creek, Florida, to a very excited group of families and friends.

The Entertainment Development Checklist(Playmeter November 2012)

If you are considering the development of a new entertainment venue, the following checklist of elements might prove helpful in getting your project to the finish line.

Negotiating a Commercial Lease(Playmeter September 2012)

A typical tenant will sign an agreement to occupy a retail bay for a stated number of years at a predefined rent rate. On the surface, this might sound like a fairly simple transaction, but in practice, commercial leasing is far more complicated. Here are some elements to consider before signing on the line.

Laser Tag in Louisiana(Playmeter September 2012)

In February 2011, five years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed Laser Tag & Games of Metaire, LA, the 26,000 square foot center reopened its doors (across the street from the original location).

Less is More: Texas FEC Removes Walls To Redesign Gameroom and Double Earnings (Replay August 2012)

Celebrating its 10-year anniversary this past July 4th, Bob O's Family Fun Center is a five-acre indoor/outdoor family entertainment complex located in El Paso, Texas. A recent gameroom remodel, coupled with a decision to buy new games directly, has doubled the facilities previous revenue.

To Rent or Build (Playmeter June 2012)

Jerry Merola focuses on the potential advantages and pitfalls of buying a piece of property and bulding your facility vs. renting a space to operate your business

Funhaven Is A Welcome Retreat (Playmeter June 2012)

After three years in the making Dave Ellis's dream to bring the future of family entertainment to the families of Ottawa,Canada, became reality when the doors of Funhaven opened to the public on Dec. 14, 2011. This new 36,000 square-foot entertainment property brings the latest trends, state-of-the-art attractions, and family fun to the community.

Going For It: Bowling Vet Converts Old-School Center to Full Scale FEC Attraction (Replay June 2012)

Colonial Lanes, a 64,000 sq. ft. bowling facility was a traditional bowling center operated as a league focused facility for many years. When Peter Sheft and his brothers Stan and Michael took over the business they realized that as a result of the reduction in the popularity of league bowling something needed to change. Today, following a full scale renovation, the facility offers 24 lanes, including four lanes in a special VIP area, as well as 70 amusement games, a Zone laser tag arena, mini bowling games and a resturant and sports bar with full menu and a liquor license.

TAP and FEU present FEC Awards (Playmeter May 2012)

Tourist Attractions and Parks (TAP) magazine along with Foundations Entertainment University (FEU) teamed up at the Amusement Expo to present awards to 11 family entertainment centers (FEC's), recognizing new standards for excellence in the industry.

Two Well-Known Mavens Weigh In on the State of the FEC Biz (Replay May 2012)

Replay magazine checks in with Frank Seninsky and Jim Chapman on the state of the FEC business today.

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