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Games Attractions Sourcing

Selection of Key Attractions, Including Ride Systems, Play Structures, Educational Offerings, and Craft-Based Selections:

AEM will research and select, with the Client's approval, the appropriate number and type of entertainment and educational offerings for the proposed Center. Each selected attraction will be evaluated for size, weight, capacity, reliability, entertainment value, and cost. Additionally, AEM will insure that such selections compliment the facility's chosen theme and work in harmony with other entertainment components housed at the site.

Selection of Appropriate Mix of Video, Video Simulator, Merchandise Dispensing, and Novelty Equipment:

Our firm will carefully select a well-balanced assortment of amusement games that effectively meet the desires of the target market. Such amusement games will work in concert with each other to maximize revenue through increased levels of player satisfaction. The correct selection of equipment will increase the length of time that each patron remains within the facility, as well as encourage frequent return visits. AEM's selections will be consistent with the facility's objectives and budget, as well as the demographic makeup of the surrounding marketplace. The cost of each game unit will be carefully compared to the potential revenue streams achievable within this application in an effort to protect asset values and allow for future reinvestment.

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