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Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC - Project Development

Facility Design & Layout

Determination of Equipment Sizing and Space Requirements

Once an appropriate site has been selected, AEM will determine the most efficient method of utilizing budgeted equipment within the confines of the premises or develop a layout plan by which to establish building size (new construction).

Establishment of Design Focus and Operating Layout

The staging and positioning of amusement equipment is critical in providing the proper flow of patrons and will substantially impact the performance of the attraction investments. AEM will develop the most effective layout plan for the site, which shall include not only the games and attractions, but also the positioning of administrative areas, control facilities, and food concessions. Specific emphasis will be placed on appearance and functionality as well as ease of change in future periods. We shall work alongside the project's architects and planners to insure that our findings remain consistent with the facility's physical structure.

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