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Amusement Entertainment Management, LLC - Project Development

Budgeting & Purchasing

Creation of Development Budget Covering Attraction Costs, Support Equipment, and Merchandise Allocations

AEM will establish, with the Client's input, an acceptable budget that appropriately balances the project investment with the anticipated annual level of return. This budget will be used as a guide in purchasing equipment and support components used in the operation and will be modified from time to time to account for project changes, as directed by the Client.

Source and Negotiate Pricing For Selected Attractions

The Consultant will thoroughly research each selected attraction offered by various manufacturers within the marketplace and develop a manufacturing schedule for each unit. By establishing a competitive bidding arrangement between possible manufacturers of similar equipment and utilization of our co-op buying network, the Consultant can effectively reduce the project's attraction and installation costs by blending pre-owned equipment from the secondary market into the attraction mix. In later periods, the Consultant can assist in the rotation of attractions by arranging the sale or trade-in of existing units.

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